Caribbean Inspired, Reggae Infused Band

Caribbean Inspired, Reggae Infused Band

Caribbean Inspired, Reggae Infused BandCaribbean Inspired, Reggae Infused Band

About Us



Dawn Madak - hand drums, percussion, vocals

Bridgette Michaels - acoustic guitar, lead vocals, songwriter

Gary Peresta - bass, occasional vocals :)


Our History

This trio formed one sunny day by chance at a festival on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis 10 years ago. Gary was performing before Bridgette and Dawn that day and he asked to sit in because, well, "You ladies obviously need a bass guitar!" Lots of gigs and laughs later, he was absolutely right!


Our Sound

The type of music that Guava Jelly delivers is unlike most other local performers.  The band is a Caribbean-infused trio whose reggae vibes are woven throughout the fabric of the band’s wide diversity of music. For the last 10 years cross-generational audiences across the region have swayed and danced to this dynamic trio.  Guava Jelly is an eclectic mix of cultural backgrounds reflecting the music they play. Bridgette Michaels, lead acoustic guitar and vocals, has deep roots in the Islands; Dawn hails from NJ and Gary loves science. The band continually looks forward to tropical weather. Come sit in the sun with us, mon!


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The latest CD from Guava Jelly

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  2. Let's Play
  3. Leave Your Troubles
  4. Feeling
  5. Island Style
  6. Outside
  7. Bellybutton
  8. Run to Your Door
  9. Just Remember